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Exclusive Property Listings

What is an Exclusive Property Listing?

When a property in Malta is marked as an “Exclusive Listing” this means that the sale of the property is “Exclusive” to the one company which has it listed and can only be purchased through them.

In many countries the norm is to list with only one agent, however in Malta, very often we find that people opt for Open listings, either not to offend friends or family members that work with other agencies, by giving them equal opportunity to sell the property on a first come first served basis. However, this is not usually the ideal scenario as you may have hundreds of agents you have never met expecting to come into your house with clients and playing all sorts of negotiating games.

Listing Exclusively has many benefits for all the parties involved..

  • The Seller – Has one trusted company dealing with all the promotion, advertising, viewings, clients and offers. The seller also knows that the agent will be much more willing to invest his time, effort and money without it all being futile since in the end the sale will mostly likely be secured through them. It will be in the agents interest to get you the best possible price and the best conditions. More importantly the seller will be paying a lower commission rate.
  • The Buyer – Interested parties will be able to get all the info available from the exclusive agent, will be able to take the agents advice with regards to what offers have already been placed therefor avoiding bidding wars and wont have to feel overly rushed to make a decision, in fear of hundreds of agents trying to sell the same property. Ultimately, they also know they will be paying a lower commission rate.
  • The Agent – Having an exclusive agreement means that the agent can promote the property extensively and have the liberty to give out much more information such as its whereabouts, what the façade looks like and better pictures of the outside space because other agents won’t be able to get the listing. The agent will also be willing to invest much more time and effort and money into marketing and trying to sell the property knowing that eventually the sale will be secured through them.

Pierre Faure Real Estate has an 80% success rate when it comes to selling Exclusive Listings. Giving us sole selling rights allows us to spread our wings and really focus our time and energy as well as resources in finding the right buyers for your home or asset. The reasoning is simple – if we don’t sell it, we make a loss and no one is in business to make a loss. If you want a professional and personal, thrustworthy team to sell your property fast, efficiently and at the right price, look no further.


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