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Having a space of your own is something that many list as a desire, if not an objective, at some point in their lives. Simply being able to kick back and relax under your own roof, listen to music and cook your favourite meals, or plan on how to adorn your four walls is a pleasure that is unrivalled, for a good number of individuals.

Of course, the right timing and the budget at your disposal are the two foremost elements that tend to be considered before any step is made towards the search for you ideal property, and Malta is no different. Beyond this, however, another crucial matter comes into focus – what sort of property should you buy? It may sound like the simplest, most basic question, and it should prompt two vital points – it all depends on (1) your lifestyle (2) your needs.

Before these are given the attention they deserve, we need to address the ‘you’, the buyer. Who are you? What are your familial circumstances? Have you taken your budgetary restrictions into account as you consider different localities and properties? Are you a single professional who needs to travel on a regular basis for your job? Are you a high-powered career couple who both work long hours? Do you intend to expand your household, either in terms of having a family or adopting pets? Do you work from home? Are you a single parent? Are you a family of four with two working parents and two children, or is there a single breadwinner and a caretaker in the equation? Have you already got pets? The list of specific features may sound endless, but every situation has its ideal housing solution, especially across a property market that offers diversity and versatility, particularly given Malta’s small size.

Pierre Faure Real Estate deals in distinctive properties that can provide an ideal match for all of these states of affairs and more.

For instance, a young professional who is single, travels a lot for work and enjoys an active social life may be well-served by a new, cosy apartment in a central area which is contemporary and well-fitted. Such an individual may not require a great deal of space, whereas an older person in a similar situation will probably have amassed more possessions, and require a more spacious layout. This sort of buyer could also prefer a property in a quieter area, and be fond of entertaining in their free time.

A freelance worker or someone who tends to be housebound to a greater extent needs a work area that is clutter-free. Ergonomics and spatial issues are of the essence here, as is a pleasant working environment. Is storage an issue? This is an essential point to be factored in for owners of, for example, vast shoe, model plane or vintage toy collections!

A fuller household including offspring and pets might be suited to anything from a roomy apartment to a sizable duplex maisonette or even terraced house, ideally with some kind of outdoor space and perhaps pool, especially if one or more dogs are involved! Of course, the buyer might also be fond of traditional houses of character or farmhouses that connect them to Malta’ past, whether they choose to decorate these in a contemporary way or otherwise. If the prospective buyer suffers from mobility issues or is already middle-aged, however, a ground-floor property or one served by a lift with easy access to all facilities is a better idea.

Then there is the question of furnishings, not to mention utensils and equipment. Are you an accomplished amateur cook after a state-of-the-art kitchen where you can concoct daring, experimental meals to impress your friends with? Do you need an appropriate spot to display some artwork that you have collected over the years? Do you want a substantial terrace with a jacuzzi, where you can gaze at the stars while sipping a glass of bubbly, alone or in company? Or do you just crave an outdoor area which is large enough to have breakfast or brunch, surrounded by the fruits of your green-fingered labour?

Last, but certainly not least, comes the locality. Does your preference lie with central areas that are on the busy side? Do you want to be surrounded by shops and be within walking distance of restaurants and bars if you have a busy lifestyle? Conversely, do you feel that a quaint village or hamlet suits your needs better? Do you feel a strong connection to the sea or coastline, or would you prefer to reside further inland? Luckily, Pierre Faure has a team of expert property consultants on hand to find the right fit for you, whatever your financial and familial situation. Whether it is a smart one-bedroomed studio apartment in a central or commercially viable area, finished to the highest calibre and equipped with the most sought-after home comforts, or a sprawling traditional property with a pool set on a few tumoli of land in a more tranquil area, you will be guided towards the home of your dreams. All that remains is to truly know what you want and need and pick up that phone or write that e-mail - your ideal dwelling beckons!

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